The Fling is a one day tournament hosted by each club in rotation over the years

In 2013 it was the turn of Peasmarsh to host the event

Here is a list of previous hosts;

YEAR                     Fling Venue                   


1989                    Staplecross

1990                    Beckley


1991                    Hamstreet


1992                    Beckley


1993                    Tenterden


1994                    Staplecross


1995                    Beckley  


1996                    Staplecross 


1997                    Staplecross


1998                    Hamstreet


1999                    Tenterden 


2000                    Hamstreet


2001                    Fairlight


2002                    Iden


2003                    Peasmarsh


2004                    Pett


2005                    Northiam


2006                    Staplecross


2007                    Rye


2008                    Staplecross


2009                    Beckley


2010                    Fairlight


2011                    Hamstreet


2012                    Iden


2013                    Peasmarsh



Usually each club submits two triple teams, who then play in 3 rounds

during the day  against other teams drawn out randomly.


On the day the host club will supply all the refreshments and meals, which

are usually subsidised by holding raffles and other events on the day.

With the new rules in force, the host team does not enter the competition,

which could be just as well with all the hard work involved from months

before the day and everyone pulling together on the day.

This year was no exception, and the glorious weather topped it off.


STAPLECROSS were this years winners, congratulations to you all.

Pictures of the event can be found in the pictures section.

STAPLECROSS Winners 2013